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Canning Fun at The Little Rock Cannery on Florida’s Adventure Coast!



The Little Rock Cannery on Florida’s Adventure Coast, Brooksville-Weeki Wachee, is a place where visitors can prepare their freshly picked fruits, vegetables, meats, and even seafood to be preserved.



Whether you’ve picked an abundance of our bountiful berries, or just want to learn how to preserve your seasonal produce, the Cannery has all you need, including professional staff with the know-how to help you. High speed commercial food prep equipment, including a double water bath processor and gas stove allow pressure canning of up to 96 jars at a time. Professional staff are always on hand to process jars and to assist new canners as well as the many “seasoned” canners that have been canning for years.


Canning is not only fun, but it’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Sign up for one of their many classes and you’ll learn how to make a new recipe from scratch, and how to utilize your canned produce in a meal for you and your family.


Hernando County Little Rock Cannery


The Cannery, established in the mid 1970’s, is housed in an historic stone schoolhouse built in the late 1930’s under the WPA and President Roosevelt. Known then as the Hammock Consolidated School, the building has since been used as a school for orphans and runaways; a cooperative extension site (Hammock Extension Homemakers); and as a northern extension site for the Hernando County Library system, called the Rock Cannery Library.


The Little Rock Cannery is owned by Hernando County and is managed by the Hernando County Growers’ Association.


Tours are available. Appointments are required. Visit them at to see the complete schedule and register for a class or canning time.









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