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Scallop Diving

Join us for scalloping season, when you can snorkel or dive for scallops along the coast. Florida’s Adventure Coast’s scalloping season runs July 1 to September 24, and our water charters and boat captains can help you bag the fun in the area’s best scalloping spots.

Summertime on Florida’s Adventure Coast, Brooksville-Weeki Wachee means Scallop Diving Season! Scalloping is fun, easy, and requires little in the way of gear or expertise; just one reason it’s such a popular adventure! Slipping into the warm Gulf of Mexico waters and catching the first sight of those shells shimmering beneath the surface brings a surge of joy unlike any other. The eagerness of discovery and the fun of catching them as they zig zag through the clear water is enough to bring a smile, whatever your age. 


Florida’s Adventure Coast marks the southern border of the full season harvest range, where the season runs from July 1 through September 24. An easily accessible drive from nearby Tampa and points south, there are numerous lodging choices minutes from our marinas and boat ramps, many with room for boat trailer parking.

Our professional Charter Captains know great scalloping spots and welcome you aboard for a carefree day on the water; most provide all the gear you need. Contact them directly to book a scalloping charter and enjoy a sensational full-service experience.


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While searching for scallops in the plentiful seagrass beds along Florida’s Adventure Coast, remember to practice responsible boating and harvesting to avoid damaging the area – maintaining healthy seagrass habitats is important! Avoid scarring seagrass habitats by navigating in deeper channels, trimming up motors when over seagrass beds and opting to push boats to safer depths when aground. It is also recommended to harvest scallops at least two inches in size to give smaller summer scallops more time to grow and the opportunity to spawn in the fall. Easy-to-use “scallop sorter” tools are available for free, by contacting the Hernando County UF/IFAS Extension Office. And last but not least, be mindful of where shells are dumped after scallops are cleaned. Shells should be disposed of in deeper waters that are not channels. This minimizes the chance of stepping on the shells or filling channels that could have a negative impact on the surrounding waters.



Going out on your own? Grab snorkels and masks, saltwater fishing licenses, and a diver down flag. Bring a container with ice and plenty of sunblock. Be sure to prepare a safety protocol that includes a float plan left with someone back onshore. 


Take your cleaned scallops on ice to one of our “You Hook-We Cook” Hernando Beach or Weeki Wachee restaurants to cook your catch. Each will prepare your scallops to order matched up with sides. These small morsels deliver big flavor, made even more delicious thanks to being fresh caught by you. Be sure and call ahead to the restaurant since “catch and cook” is a popular area dinner option.

Scoop up Some Scallops!

Don your mask and grab a dip net!



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