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Visit Responsibly

Protecting the pristine environment of Florida’s Adventure Coast, Brooksville-Weeki Wachee is important to everyone, our locals, our visitors, and even our critters. We all have a part to play in keeping our trails, preserves, lakes, rivers, and beaches clean, safe and sustainable.


Planning ahead ensures you are prepared for your adventure with proper clothing and equipment while ensuring you leave no trace behind. Check the weather forecast. Carry lightweight snacks and reusable water bottles.


Be respectful of private lands, stay on marked trails and avoid picking or trampling on native plants. Camp only in designated areas and minimize any campfire impacts. 



When out and about, show others how to behave responsibly by placing your litter in trash receptacles, or take it home with you. If you find someone else’s trash along the route, take it with you too. Casting a line? Be sure to retrieve all your fishing line and don’t leave it behind to endanger wildlife. Florida’s Adventure Coast has fishing line receptacles at all boat ramps and waterways for your convenience.


Most delicate of all our environments is the Weeki Wachee River; this stunningly beautiful waterway is already in peril. While traveling on the Weeki Wachee River, we ask you DO NOT exit your vessel. Beaching your kayak, canoe or boat along the riverbanks will harm the vital vegetation and erode the existing shoreline. Stay in your seat and enjoy the trip.

Please Don’t Feed the Bears – or the Manatees!

While Yogi Bear may enjoy a good picnic, please enjoy the wildlife from afar and please do not feed them. Should you encounter a manatee in our local waters, please do not touch them. These gentle giants are slow moving, curious creatures, but becoming too familiar with people increases the danger that they’ll lose their fear of people and boats, making them more susceptible to harm or even death. Human interaction is the greatest danger to our wildlife. 


No Wake zones exist to protect the shoreline as well as our wildlife. Boat strikes kill and injure hundreds of manatees every year; many die a slow, agonizing death because of their injuries. Slow down and enjoy the ride. 

Be Respectful of the Environment and Other People

Florida’s Adventure Coast is a beautiful and diverse destination with unlimited opportunities to explore Nature’s Place to Play, off the beaten bath. Get out there, have fun and adventure responsibly!


Love it like a local…


Thanks to relatively shallow Gulf of Mexico topography, Florida’s Adventure Coast is home to some of the world’s most abundant seagrass meadows. As food, habitat, and nursery to a rich variety of marine life such as manatees, sea turtles, many fish species, and mollusks like bay scallops, seagrass meadows are vital. And because seagrass is so important for so many reasons, it is protected so – when boating – be aware and use navigational charts to avoid damaging seagrass beds. Be Seagrass Safe next time you are out boating.

Leave No Trace

Love it like a local


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