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Outdoor Dining at Its Finest Onboard the Marina Rose on Florida’s Adventure Coast


At Marina Rose Dinner Cruises, they take the term, “Outdoor Dining”, to a whole new level. Their signature vessel, The Island Rose, is a custom-built replica of an early 1900’s steamboat. Paddle wheel included!



Marina Rose Enterprises offers sunset dinner cruises, lunch cruises, and brunch cruises on their beautiful Island Rose boat out of Hernando Beach.


The interior is very inviting, A rectangular room with several tables set to the number of visitors set to sail, a small bar, and serving area for the food. It even includes a fireplace for those cozy and intimate dinner cruises.



Interior of the Marina Rose


The Island Rose has two decks, allowing guests to get out an enjoy the majestic scenery of the Gulf waters. The windows on the vessel open also to offer a gentle breeze inside. The Island Rose is also climate controlled for those hot summer days or cool winter nights, which makes for a truly comfortable cruising experience.




Sunset view of the Gulf of Mexico







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