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Finding Florida’s Hidden Golf Gems

Finding Florida’s Hidden Golf Gems


Florida has over 1,100 golf courses throughout the state. It seems impossible for one golf course to set itself apart from so many. But the Brooksville Ridge golf courses have managed to do just that.

Brooksville Ridge golf courses are some of the hidden gems of the Sunshine State. Technically, there are six golf clubs and seven golf courses that lie along the Brooksville Ridge: World Woods Golf Club (which includes two golf courses), Brooksville Country ClubSilverthorn Country ClubSouthern Hills Plantation ClubHernando Oaks Golf & Country Club, and Dunes Golf Club

We got to visit each one of these golf courses and discover their distinctive features.

Start at World Woods Golf Club

World Woods Golf Club is the only public five-star golf course in Florida. (All of the others require you to be a member.) And World Woods Golf Club certainly lives up to its five-star status. It includes two award-winning 18-hole golf courses – Pine Barrens and Rolling Oaks – designed by esteemed architect Tom Fazio, along with the “Best Practice Facility in the World,” according to Joe Black, past President of PGA of America.

Fazio has been named the best modern-day golf course architect by
Golf Digest Magazine several times, and when we visited World Woods Golf Club, there was no question of why. The golf courses never failed to capture our attention with the native plants, sharp visual contrasts, and varying difficulty options.

Enjoy the Unique Landscapes at Brooksville Country Club and Dunes Golf Club

While World Woods Golf Club is the most prestigious of the Brooksville Ridge Golf Courses, it’s certainly not the only one that’s worth a visit. So after we finished up at World Woods Golf Club, we decided to spend some time at Brooksville Country Club and Dunes Golf Club.

Brooksville Country Club is located in an old limestone mining area. This means that the course has some unique, eye-catching obstacles, like the four quarry holes. It’s quite a treat to play on this Florida golf course!

But Brooksville Country Club isn’t the only Brooksville golf course with a distinctive landscape. Dunes Golf Club does as well! One of the first things we noticed at Dunes Golf Club – known as the Dunes – was, well, the dunes! We came across a massive sandpit at the first hole we had to navigate. It was undoubtedly an enjoyable test of our golfing skills.

Feel a Little Fancy at Southern Hills Plantation Club

The moment we arrived at the 
Southern Hills Plantation Club, we could feel the luxury. With the vast Southern-inspired Clubhouse and the immaculately designed Pete Dye course, Southern Hills Plantation Club is picture-perfect.

As we continued to explore, we found out that the clubhouse and the golf course aren’t the only amenities at Southern Hills Plantation Club. They also have a sparkling blue lap pool, a full-service spa, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and even a few tennis courts. What more could you ask for?

Get Off the Beaten Path at Silverthorn Country Club and Hernando Oaks Golf & Country Club

The Brooksville Ridge golf courses are what we call hidden gems, which means plenty of opportunities to book a tee time. We felt lie true V.I.Ps because when we visited Silverthorn Country Club and Hernando Oaks Golf & Country Club, we had both courses nearly all to ourselves!

Silverthorn Country Club
 is one of the more challenging courses in the mix. With the strategically placed bunkers, rugged terrain, and erratic Gulf Coast winds, this course deserves its difficult 131 slope rating. And while Silverthorn Country Club certainly put our golfing skills to the test, it was a fun time all around.

Last but certainly not least, we popped by the 
Hernando Oaks Golf & Country Club. This course has a couple of noteworthy features. First, Hernando Oaks Golf & Country Club is one of the only golf courses on Brooksville Ridge that exclusively uses native grass. Local wildlife flock to this course. Second, the final four holes at Hernando Oaks Golf & Country Club are quite a fun challenge. Some say these are the best finishing holes in the entire Tampa area!

Are you ready for a tee time?



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