• Well and Good on Florida’s Adventure Coast

    Well and Good Itinerary MapEnvelope yourself in all that is fresh and healthy on this invigorating wellness adventure. Tour waterways, wild spaces and local flavors. Walk sunshine-covered trails and let your cares slip away at a sumptuous wellness center.

    What is Wellness?

    Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

    From the World Health Organization: “Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

    There are many ways to practice a wellness-focused lifestyle here in Nature’s Place to Play. If you enjoy dining on food grown, picked or caught locally, life balance and your impact on the world and feeling great, here are a few ideas.

    Tap into ways to start, savor and stay excited about your healthy life with our Well and Good sample itinerary.

    Coffee cup on beach Pine Island

    Rise early

    Be an early riser. Awaken with a positive attitude and greet a pretty coastal sunrise at Alfred McKethan/Pine Island Park. Bring your favorite morning beverage to enjoy on the beach. You may even be joined by some dolphin or manatee in search of breakfast.

    Load your bike and head over to the Weekiwachee Preserve for immersion into the natural world. Park at the 2345 Osowaw Boulevard entrance. Roll through the pedestrian gate to explore over five miles of paved and unpaved bike trails. The 11,000-acre Preserve, with its lakes and sandhills, is a favorite birding destination. On most second and fourth monthly Saturdays, the wider vehicle gate is also open from sunrise to sunset for the short drive in. Be sure and bring some binoculars for possible wildlife sightings.

    On Cypress Trail Hernando

    Pursue Balance

    Because wellness includes feeling good about your impact on the world and such concepts as paying it forward, be sure to carry a bag with you to carry out what you carry in. Consider the added value of picking up after others along the way, if needed, as well.

    After a pleasant bike ride in the Weekiwachee Preserve, relax with a Salt Experience at the tranquil campus of nearby WellCome OM Integral Healing and Education Center. Dry Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, is a safe and natural rejuvenating experience. Sit comfortably or recline in the dimly lit space, surrounded by relaxing music. Meditate, read or just rest while the dry salt particles cleanse outside and through the skin.

    Woman meditating Floridas Adventure Coast

    Nurture body and soul

    Head over to Get Healthy where their mission is to share knowledge and unique access to information to help you find optimal health. Shop for vitamins and natural foods. For a creatively healthy lunch, go to First Watch, the daytime cafe. Each day, they begin slicing fresh fruits and vegetables and everything else from scratch. Consider a salad, a power bowl or sandwich from among the local fresh menu options. Try a kale tonic fresh juice as your beverage; you’ll be glad you did.

    After lunch, sit back and feed your spirit and your mind with an enlightening sightseeing tour on Bayport River Safari. Join Captain Strickland on a guided ecotour of Florida’s Adventure Coast’s estuary and mouth of the Weeki Wachee and Mud Rivers. Look up and along the shoreline for interesting birds and in the water around you for dolphin, otter and manatee. Use your binoculars and take photos from the comfort of Bayport River Safari’s large, covered vessel.

    Savor a fresh grown, picked or caught early dinner at The Cove in Hernando Beach. Representing casual classy comfort, the restaurant serves many delightful menu items that are organic and grown or caught locally. Covered outdoor waterside seating adds to your feeling of joy and serenity.

    After your early dinner, wrap up the day of wellness with yoga. At Brooksville Yoga, join founder and certified Yogi, Alison for a relaxing evening unheated yoga or an energizing, heated yoga flow session. Why is yoga so popular for wellness? From increased strength to flexibility to heart health, there are loads of benefits. Besides physical benefits like releasing tension in your limbs and joints, yoga is recognized for helping you focus and feel happier. After your day of wellness on Florida’s Adventure Coast, you should enjoy a sense of calm and appreciation for the abundance that surrounds you. It is also likely that you will sleep very well.

    Plan your own Well and Good itinerary today!

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