• The Adventurer – November 2020

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    Fire Station Murals, Hernando Beach, Florida's Adventure Coast

    For all to see: Hernando Beach Art Adorns this Coastal Community

    What is it about Hernando Beach, Florida that stirs an artist’s soul?

    Is it the scenic Gulf of Mexico coastline, stunning sunsets or boundless nature of Weekiwachee Preserve? Is it the timeless allure of mermaids? Crystalline waterways sheltering gentle manatees? Or, is it the shimmering underwater realm where dolphins, sea turtles, starfish and finned creatures dwell?

    Luckily, some artist residents have generously shared their talent as beautiful public displays.

    Look around Hernando Beach for outdoor décor in vivid colors, media and shapes. Discover stories told in wall murals, structural transformations and scenes viewable when cruising by on the water. All are perfect for selfies.

    Brooksville Native American Festival

    Native American Place Names on Florida’s Adventure Coast

    Long before today’s culturally blended society, Florida’s Adventure Coast was populated by Native Americans. It doesn’t take long to notice the lasting evidence of those original populations in the names of locations still in use today. Many of the names trace back to the Seminole Indians, reflecting the Muskogean language family, originating as either Creek or Miccosukee.

    Here is a short guide to some of those distinctive words you see around here and how to pronounce them.

    Chinsegut Hill Historic Site, Brooksville

    Watch: Take a Guided Tour of Chinsegut Hill Historic Site

    The Chinsegut Hill Historic Site welcomes visitors to explore one of Tampa Bay’s most iconic places. Poised atop Florida’s second-highest point, the 114 acre estate reflects thousands of years of Florida history.
    In a unique partnership with Hernando County government and Mid Florida Community Services, the Tampa Bay History Center now provides curatorial and interpretive services. After months of careful research, archiving and interpretive signage placement, the magnificent manor house and estate are now open for tours guided by knowledgeable Tampa Bay Historic Society docents.
    Manatee in Weeki Wachee Springs, Floridas Adventure Coast

    Jigsaw Puzzle! Try your hand at reassembling this image

    November is Manatee Awareness Month

    To help protect the Sunshine State’s official marine mammal, November is officially Manatee Awareness Month. At this time of year, these large, gentle, slow-moving creatures seek the warmer waters of our springs and coastal estuaries. With a watchful eye, (helped by polarized sunglasses) and compliance to No-Wake Zones, boaters can give them plenty of space.


    November Adventure Coast Fishing Report

     Weekiwachee Preserve Pink Grass

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