• The Adventurer – July 2016


    In this issue:

    – Epic Angling Adventures
    – Summer Scalloping Sample Itinerary
    – All About Bay Scallops
    – The July Fishing and Scalloping Report

    Epic Adventure Coast Angling

    Florida, proudly the Fishing Capital of the World, is popular among anglers not just for its year-round outdoor recreation climate but also for its sheer fishing diversity.
    No place is that range of choices more evident than here on Florida’s Adventure Coast. Thanks to our vibrant coastal estuary, unique Gulf of Mexico underwater geography and freshwater mix of lakes and rivers, you can unleash your inner angler in countless ways. Loft that cast from a boat or from shore and land a spectacular specimen. Or just keep on casting until you do; that’s the fun of it.

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    Sensational Summer Scalloping
    Sample Itinerary

    Summertime on Florida’s Adventure Coast means scalloping. Eagerly anticipated, recreational Florida bay scallop harvest season is from June 25 through September 24, 2016. And, because Florida’s Adventure Coast marks the southernmost harvest region, it is easily accessible, from nearby Tampa and points south.

    Fun and family friendly, here is one example of how to enjoy a scalloping adventure to remember.

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    All About Bay Scallops
    by Brittany Hall-Scharf

    Where are all the scallops?

    During scalloping season, this is one of the most popular questions that arise.

    About Bay Scallop Counts
    Abundance surveys of Florida’s bay scallop are conducted along the state’s west coast every summer by scientists at the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. During these surveys, two divers measure the first 30 adult bay scallops and count all scallops within a 600 square meter site. This data allows researchers to assess how many scallops are in an area, how far the scallop populations extend throughout the seagrass beds and how those populations may fluctuate from year to year. The results of these annual abundance surveys can be found on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s website.

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    July Fishing & Scalloping Report
    by Capt. Josh Fritz

    Fishing is steady right now with red fish on in the early morning high tides. Target the outside points, islands and oyster bars. Look for large mullet schools for a key sign that red fish are close by.

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