• The Adventurer – August 2016

    In this issue:

    • 6 Cool Ways to End the Day
    • Stay & Play Inspiration: The Great Grape Escape
    • Adventure Coast Artificial Reef background and future plans
    • August Fishing & Scalloping Report

    6 Cool Ways to End the Day
    Soothe summer’s sizzle with these day’s end delights.

    Savor the Sunset
    Florida’s Adventure Coast is a lovely stage for sunset fans. Like snowflakes, every daily sun descent is unique. Will this evening bring a sublime glow or Technicolor dazzle? Be ready by settling into one of these front row seats.

    1. Sunset Cruise
    Step aboard Bayport River Safari’s River Tale for a scenic coastal cruise. Smooth and calm, the Gulf of Mexico serves as a serene mirror. Captain Gary hosts, sharing unique area knowledge during Sunset Cruises that depart Bayport Pier every Saturday and Sunday an hour before sunset.

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    Stay & Play Inspiration: The Great Grape Escape
    Welcome to Muscadine grape season. Ripe and ready to pick, these colossal deep purple or bronze orbs are tasty and nutrition-rich. Pluck and eat them one-by-one or get creative with limitless delectable preparations.

    Muscadine grape vines are well adapted to our warm and humid climate; they need fewer chilling hours than other varieties, thriving in summer heat.

    The Muscadine season is typically August, with the available crop ripe for about three weeks. Actual dates are weather dependent; local growers post harvest status on websites and Facebook.

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    Artificial Reefs and Future Plans
    Hernando County has had a long history of artificial reef construction thanks to the support of its residents, fishing clubs, dive shops, members of the Hernando County Port Authority and the Board of County Commissioners.

    Through continued community support there has been a concerted effort to create viable and diverse marine habitats while also creating interesting underwater destinations for scuba divers and free-divers. Today there are a total of four artificial reefs that range from 15 nm to 20 nm offshore in water depths ranging from 18 to 25 ft depth. Although they can be snorkeled during April, May, and June when the water is typically the clearest, the best way to explore the reefs and to view their diverse and rich marine life is with scuba gear.

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    August Adventure Coast Scalloping & Fishing Report
    Adventure Coast scalloping is off the chain.

    The scallops are in four to eight feet of water and – depending on the tide, with low tide being best – you will be able to get your limit of scallops in under two hours. All you need are a few items: a mask, snorkel, fins and a mesh catch bag. Scalloping is fun for all ages and makes a great family outing. While snorkeling you will see fish, star fish, cool plants and all kinds of sea life. Bring a camera or even use your GoPro for lasting memories.

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