• The Adventurer – April 2020

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    Wishing you well

    Our Visitors Bureau team cares about you and your safety. As the world suddenly shifted to a temporary state of suspended animation, COVID-19 has forced us all to re-evaluate where we go and what we do. We are all navigating this close-to-home and farther-from-each-other landscape together. As you practice social distancing, we invite you to unleash your imagination and let your mind wander. We’ll welcome you back to exciting events and adventures when the time is right.

    Eastern Kingbird Brooksville

    Backyard Birding: Search for Spring Songbirds

    World Migratory Bird Day is May 9, but on Florida’s Adventure Coast, it’s April that is songbird season. While there are many species of birds that live here year-round, April is the best month to look for songbirds that are migrating in the spring. These birds have spent the winter in southern Florida, Mexico, Central America, or even South America. They are now flying north where they will build nests and raise their chicks in the northern states and Canada.
    Wherever you are, while you are at home rediscovering your own backyard or neighborhood ecosystem, why not share your view? If you see some spring songbirds, take some photos and share to our facebook page .
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    Stroll through waterfront parks virtually with 360 tours

    Click on the image of Linda Pedersen Park below and Bayport Park beneath. Use your mouse to move all around the parks. Look up, down and around!

    Linda Pedersen Park EyeSpy

    360 View of Linda Pedersen Park

    Bayport Park EyeSpy

    360 View of Bayport Park


     Let your mind wander aerial kayaker Bayport

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