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    “I remember coming to Weeki Wachee Springs as a child but that was – my goodness – fifty years ago!” Mary exclaimed. “The Mermaids, this beautiful river; I can’t believe it’s all still here.”

    “It was my first time visiting Florida,” she recalled. “My two sisters and I were so excited after our long drive down from New Jersey. We’d been cooped up in the back seat of our old Plymouth for such a long time.” She gazed at the park entrance. “I loved those family trips. Being here again brings it all back.”

    Mary felt the gentle tug of nostalgia, that warm feeling of revisiting Florida sites seemingly untouched by time.

    Like the Weeki Wachee Springs attraction, these Adventure Coast places welcome you to step back to simpler days.

    Elvis Weeki.jpg

    Elvis Presley’s visit to Weeki Wachee in 1961. Courtesy of Weeki Wachee Springs Facebook page

    Weeki Wachee Springs, now a state park, often hosts first-timers accompanied by grandparents and parents who came as children. As they stroll the familiar park together, sometimes it is hard to tell whose smile is bigger.

    Mary’s Fish Camp

    Mary's Fish Camp-1.jpgMary’s Fish Camp website image.

    Nearby, on the tranquil shore of the Mud River, Mary’s Fish Camp is proudly vintage. Just like in the old days, you can pick up some bait and ice cold RC Cola from the onsite Shoreline Bait store. Then, sit on the 275 foot seawall and cast your line. Reel in your catch and relax as the river and the hours flow by.

    Cruise Ins

    Car Show.jpgPhoto: HernandoCountyLiving.com

    If you, like some, believe “they just don’t make cars like they used to,” you are among friends. Join other classic car enthusiasts in frequent area cruise-ins, held in parking lots such as the Weeki Wachee Hardees or Coastal Way Chick-Fil-A restaurants. Maybe you’ll even see a Plymouth, lovingly maintained and gleaming, like the memories of your first trip.

    Coney Island Drive-Inn

    Elvis impersonator Coney Island.jpgElvis impersonator at Coney Island Drive Inn from Facebook page

    Grab a world famous foot-long at Brooksville’s Coney Island Drive Inn and eat where Elvis ate. Opened in July 1960, not only is the food fun and delicious, the drive-in ambience is vintage, unchanged since those early years.


    Park your car and stroll down cobblestoned streets surrounding the Courthouse in downtown Brooksville. You’ll smile as you catch sight of numerous lifestyle scenes painted on building exteriors.

    Boyett’s Grove Citrus Attraction 

    Boyetts Oranges.jpgBoyett’s Grove photo by Robin Draper, Authentic Florida

    For many, no vacation to the Sunshine State was complete without orange groves and alligators.  Drop in to Boyett’s Citrus Attraction and you can still find both. Just like it’s been since the 1960’s, you can grab some fresh oranges, home-made ice cream, miniature golf and even some Grape Nehi and Teaberry gum.

    Boyetts Elvis 2.jpg

    Elvis greets visitors to Boyett’s Grove Citrus Attraction

    Browse the kitschy gift shop – complete with life-size Elvis figure – for souvenirs. Find alligators and other interesting animals and exotic birds in the acres of “savannah” out back.

    Canopied Roadway-2.jpg

    Canopied Brooksville roadway. Visitors Bureau image.

    Much more awaits you…

    Drive picturesque country roads of Florida’s Adventure Coast, Brooksville – Weeki Wachee and remember when you first visited Florida. Much that you recall is still here awaiting your rediscovery. Not only is there joy in revisiting places fondly remembered, it’s also a treat to share them with those for whom they’re new. In our fast-paced, high tech world of virtual reality, Florida’s Adventure Coast warmly welcomes you back to simple pleasures of times past.

     Weeki Wachee Mermaids 1960

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