• Sip the fruits of your labor at Once Upon a Vine

    Pair your creative with your social side and savor the outcome at Spring Hill’s Once Upon a Vine. Join a growing number of folks who take the five to six-week journey from recipe to sensational results.

    Ordering from a restaurant wine list or purchasing from store shelves are customary ways to enjoy wine. Once Upon a Vine is a new option for those interested in a hands-on approach to wine appreciation.

    Once Upon a Vine FL Adventure Coast

    Wine making here is not a stomp-the-grapes-in-a-giant-vat experience, as portrayed in old TV shows and movies. Instead, make your selection from a variety of premium stocked wine making kits and supplies. Fill your household wine cellar and be ready for a lot of future gift giving with your 28-32 bottle yield.

    From stirring your exclusive kit ingredients together in a large bucket during Visit One through racking and bottling your wine, the experience is thoroughly satisfying.  Much of the process is chemical, simply involving time, light and temperature. Instruction and guidance by married owners Lori Stover and Pat Bassett are available to ensure great outcomes every time.

    Once Upon a Vine Labels

    Besides the wine itself, designing your custom name and label is also a thrill. Use a photograph, poem or other artwork – whatever you want. They make perfect gifts, personalized for any occasion or purpose. Owner, Lori’s bottles feature Dos Dobies Winery labels with images of her beloved pet dobermans. And, prepared for an upcoming wedding, small bottles were imprinted with the names of the bride, groom and date.

    Liz Casner, PA, a Realtor with Tropic Shores Realty has made and bottled wine about five times. Comfortable with the routine, she books studio time and goes about the winemaking process with confidence, often sharing the experience with friends. Labeled with house portraits, she enjoys gifting bottles to her new homeowner clients. Why does Liz return to Once Upon a Wine to craft new and different wines? She smiles and says, “the satisfaction of sipping the fruits of my labor.”

     Once Upon a Vine FL Adventure Coast

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