• Florida Hikes: Paths Crossed and Shared

    About Sandra and John

    Sandra Friend and John Keatley love natural Florida and each other. Hailing from different directions, the lifelong hikers, bikers, writers and photographers joined forces and together produce Florida Hikes! Believing “A day in the woods always beats a day in the office,” the pair have personally explored hundreds of miles of Florida trails capturing images and information to share online, in print and in person.

    They truly talk the talk and walk the walk.

    A lifetime Eagle Scout who says, “I still do everything I did at twelve years old,” John calls himself a pretty face, with a nod to Sandra as the brains of the operation, nickname: “Navigator”. Traversing the state from top to bottom, side to side – rarely in a straight line or in a hurry – and recording their back country travels along the way, Florida Hikes! reigns as a one-stop resource for many. Planning a hike? Browse the vast repository of options among many inviting categories on the website or download the interactive Florida Trail app to instantly locate Florida’s Adventure Coast trails near you. Sandra and John have literally done all the legwork for you.

    Perfect Low and Hi Tech Blend

    Little is more low-tech than placing one foot in front of the other in the great outdoors. However, the Florida Hikes! success formula is thanks in large part to efficient use of technology. Not only do John and Sandra routinely upload, save, process and share their daily photography to the cloud – sometimes wirelessly – they often do their writing directly into their smartphones. Many of the FloridaHikes! 2.6 million website visitors may enjoy Florida’s beautiful marked trails only from their computer. With inspiring imagry and guidance from the website, app and books, many more hikers actually get out to explore Florida’s – greater than 5,000 miles of – marked trails and share the experience online. In fact, outdoor enthusiasts are so spread apart literally that their paths often only cross digitally. John said, “Hikers are the largest community you’ve never seen.”

    Plan your hike today

    With 42,000 social media followers, Sandra and John provide – and receive – vital information from a connected network of people exploring the scenic forests, prairies, coastal hammocks, hills and waterways around this amazing state. Use Florida Hikes! today to plan your next outdoor adventure right here in Nature’s Place to Play. Look closely and you might encounter two smiling people working their digital gear and breathing the fresh air – clearly enjoying being out on the trail – together – more than anywhere else.


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