• Our Little Rock Cannery: A Cherished Community Institution

    By Kathi Comandi

    The Little Rock Cannery is living history and a modern community asset. Farm-to-Table momentum is building and Florida’s Adventure Coast affords a time-honored way to celebrate our enormous local bounty.

    With loads of year round and seasonal produce, the Little Rock Cannery – one of just two remaining in Florida and a handful nationally – supports farms and connects people with healthy fresh food preservation.

    Built in 1941, the rock building was originally a schoolhouse. It later housed an orphanage, a library and
    then – since 1974 – the Cannery.

    Little Rock Cannery Brooksville Front


    Florida’s Adventure Coast is infused with lush farms bursting with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, muscadine grapes, peaches, kale, collards, beans, melons, citrus, sweet potatoes, grass fed beef and so much more! Grab some of that freshness by visiting a u-pick farm, a farm stand or one of many local farmers’ markets.

    After your field experience, might we suggest a visit to the Little Rock Cannery to ‘put-up’ your farm fresh bounty? Call to make an appointment if you want to engage in:

    • Eating local farm fresh food at the height of flavor
    • Preserving large batches of vegetables, fruit, jam, salsa and more
    • Saving the season in a jar
    • Seeking a farm-to-table healthy alternative to grocery shelves
    • Avoiding food additives such as high fructose corn syrup, MSG, sodium and artificial preservatives
    • Locking in the flavor of your bountiful garden
    • Hosting a family reunion of yesteryear activity
    • Organizing a Canning Social
    • Making homemade gifts that others will treasure
    • Learning the art of canning with the support of knowledgeable staff
    • Signing up for a hands-on workshop 

      Little Rock Cannery Brooksville 3 jars

    Learn more about the Florida’s Adventure Coast Little Rock Cannery in these recent articles:

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    Preserving a Way of Life: Little Rock Cannery is a Hub for Canning … and Conversation 

    Check the Cannery out for yourself! 

    Just call to make an appointment. 352-799-4226.

    Open – Tuesday through Saturday 8am-4pm
    Evenings available for private social events
    Annual membership $55.00
    Day Pass $12.00 limited to maximum of 12 jars


    Kathi Comandi Little Rock Cannery

    Kathi Comandi, BSN, MHA

    Kathi works for Hernando County Little Rock Cannery managing all facets of the day-to-day business. Kathi is a retired Healthcare executive, former New York Police Officer and is now retired in our sun-kissed community. She is passionate about engaging people in ‘Farm to Table” and to create empowering ways for people to make better food choices by returning to our farms and canning the bountiful harvest!

    The Little Rock Cannery is operated by the Hernando County Recreation Department. The Recreation Department staff is devoted to protecting and preserving this community treasure. Contact them at 352-754-4031.

    Try it! Enjoy it! Share it!


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