• Old Florida Charm Welcomes You Back

    Welcome back! Even for those who’ve never visited before, the allure of time untouched welcomes you throughout much of Florida’s Adventure Coast.

    Nostalgia is celebrated at such places as Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, Boyett’s Citrus Attraction and Mary’s Fish Camp. Stay waterside at Hernando Beach Motel and dine at Papa Joe’s Italian Restaurant, all of which have long called this area home.

    Opened in 1947, Weeki Wachee Springs State Park often welcomes first-timers accompanied by grandparents and parents who came as children. As they stroll the familiar park, sometimes it’s hard to tell who is happier. And, with no natural predators and lifespans north of 60 years, it’s even possible some of the same manatee and turtles are still part of your show.


    Nearby, on the tranquil shore of the Mud River, Mary’s Fish Camp is proudly vintage 1946. Just like in the old days, you can pick up some bait and an ice cold RC Cola from the onsite shop, then sit on the 275 foot seawall and cast your line. Camp in your RV or stay in one of their renovated-but-rustic cabins to enjoy some quality unplugged time.

    Mary's Fish Camp, Weeki Wachee

    Further east, you’ll find another roadside favorite: Boyett’s Citrus Attraction. Grab some grape Nehi, teaberry gum or root beer barrel candy in the kitschy gift shop then, stroll through a lively menagerie between the orange groves. Besides dinosaur, shark and Elvis Presley displays, the backyard is a savannah, home to live zebras, camels, monkeys and more. Don’t forget to take home some fresh fruit during citrus season.

    For dinner, sit down for some amazing pasta, premium steak or seafood at Papa Joe’s Italian Restaurant. Say hello to owners Joe and Donna Giarratana, whose passion for family, community and good food have been a recipe for success since opening in 1981.

    Return home to your relaxing Hernando Beach Motel, a popular lodging choice since the 80’s. From the large heated pool deck or your waterside suite, watch passing boats and view the Gulf of Mexico.

    Hernando Beach Motel Captains House

    Not only is there joy in revisiting familiar places, it’s also a treat to share them with those for whom they are new. In our fast-paced society surrounded by technology and virtual reality, Florida’s Adventure Coast warmly welcomes you back to the simple pleasures of days past.

     50s-drugstore-mural Brooksville

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