• November Fishing on Florida’s Adventure Coast


    November is a transition month for a lot of our game fish and fishing is very good. Speckled trout are moving from the four-to-six-foot depth range to the shallow grass flats in one-to-three feet of water. Fish the tide; moving water is what will deliver a good trout bite. Target potholes and kelp grass on the flats and oyster bars on the high tide. Live greenbacks free-lined work great or, you can use a lure. I like to use a MirrOlure XL and MR17 in the 808 and 50 colors for trout fishing. Soft plastic Little Jon’s and Zoom Flukes are great soft baits to use.

    Red fish are still schooled up in decent numbers along the outer islands and points. Live greenbacks and pinfish are deadly to red fish and snook.

    Fisherman with large grouper Bayport

    In November I do a lot of shallow water grouper fishing. This I do inside of the nine-mile line in six to twelve feet of water. We are doing very well on some big gag grouper. Depending on the conditions, we use plugs and live bait. The Rapala FMAG18 in mullet, fire tiger or orange are very good colors to use for grouper fishing. Live greenbacks and big pinfish will always get slammed by a grouper.


     Bayport Speckled trout

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