• Natural Wonders – Butterflies

    Many elements blend together in Nature’s Place to Play to deliver a spectacular array of butterflies.

    From the plants to be pollinated to the birds who who delight in tasty caterpillar meals, butterflies play a role in our thriving ecosystem. What butterflies are native to Florida’s Adventure Coast? Click on this long list from “A Bird’s Home” for help identifying the many species you may see here.

    Would you like to create a happy butterfly habitat? Here are Top 10 Tips from a recent Florida-Friendly Landscaping posting-

    The top ten tips we learned at the Butterfly and Other Pollinator class:
    1. Do not use pesticides on your plants if you want butterflies.
    2. Plant in mass. Butterflies are nearsighted, and need a bunch of the same plant together to find it easier.
    3. Using a lot of native plants will greatly increase your chances of attracting butterflies.
    4. Provide plant diversity. Many different types of plants.
    5. Reduce the lawn and provide plants, shrubs and groundcovers where butterflies and other critters can find shelter and nesting areas.
    6. Provide sunny basking areas. flat rocks work great.
    7. Attract birds to a different part of your landscape. (Think how yummy the caterpillars may be to our bird friends.)
    8. Ask if the plants you purchase have EVER been treated with pesticides. Butterflies are very, very sensitive to chemicals.
    9. Control invasive exotic plants that take over the plants the butterflies need.
    10. Enjoy the other pollinators that will also find your butterfly garden a wonderful haven.

    (Pictured: A Pipevine Swallowtail)


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