• A Unique Craft Brewery: Marker 48

    Some might call it fun – and it was – but for Tina and Maurice Ryman, visiting over 200 craft breweries around the country was also valuable research. They took careful note of what worked at each establishment, like the inset metal “chill plate” along the bar at a place in Montana, and what didn’t.

    Before opening Marker 48 Brewing in Brooksville, they chose to apply the best elements gleaned from their national tour as the foundation to which they added loads of character purely their own.

    As a place for socializing, craft beer tasting and listening to live music, ample open space is needed but who else would have envisioned such a future from a former automotive shop? The transformation works well; clear-paneled, high garage doors on sides across from one another allow for natural light and, open during pleasant weather, a fresh breeze. The 1,200 square foot space beneath that had been the oil-change pit was repurposed as a wood barrel aging beer cellar. Cool and climate-controlled, the space will host smaller, private tastings and events.
    The Rymans, lifetime residents and longtime craft brewing enthusiasts, established Marker 48 as a seven-barrel brewing system featuring five core beers and five to seven seasonals with specialty and guest beers on tap at all times.

    “We love the culture and the people, basically everything about the craft beer industry,” said Maurice Ryman.

    Maurice and Tina Ryman envision Marker 48 Brewing to be a place for visitors and locals to gather and converse over pints of ales that were brewed just a few feet away.
    “We don’t want it to be ‘our’ brewery,” Maurice said. “We want it to be the community’s brewery.”

    The first craft brewery in the area, nothing would please the team at Marker 48 more than to be joined by similar businesses; all proud contributors to a vibrant craft brewing community.
    Learn more about Marker 48 at Marker48.com.

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