• Happiness = Taking More Vacation

    What is the secret to happiness? It’s maximizing your vacation time.

    Make some plans this year!

    “So much to do, so little time.” While the phrase may sound like it perfectly describes our lives, research shows there actually is time.

    Americans universally say that vacation days are important to them, yet 52 percent of workers aren’t using their hard-earned vacation time. This is only a 2 percent increase from the previous year at 54 percent, according to Project: Time Off research (2018). Although the increase is small, the impact proved mighty. Nearly a half-day (.4 days) more of vacation time was used than in the previous year, leading to a $30.7 billion impact to the U.S. economy and an estimated 217,200 direct and indirect jobs for Americans.

    Tuesday, January 29, 2019 is National Plan for Vacation Day. Planning is the most important step in making your vacation possible! Get your calendar and make downtime a priority. Find out how much time you can use and when; it is a good idea to check vacation policies at your workplace.

    Decide when, and why, you will travel. Do your dates overlap with holidays, special occasions or school vacations? If quiet relaxation is your main goal, be careful of busy travel times. Keep in mind, this time is about you. Think about what you like to do; plan for your favorite interests. Those who make the most of vacation come back rested and stay healthier.

    The nearly half (48%) of Americans who are not using a majority of their vacation for travel are missing out on more than sun and fun. Americans taking all or most of their vacation days to travel report dramatically higher rates of happiness than those using little to none of their time for travel.

    What are you waiting for? Now is the time to take back your calendar and put vacation at the top of your list of priorities. Planning for vacation can be achieved in three simple steps:

    Determine how much time off you earn and identify the vacation policies at your workplace.

    Get to dreaming! How do you want to spend your time off this year?

    Plan out your days with Project: Time Off’s vacation planning tool and share with your manager, your colleagues, spouse—everyone!

    This year, don’t let your vacation days be part of a statistic. Put the fear of missing out behind you and turn your bucket list into a to-do list by starting to plan now.

    Need some ideas?

    Find your travel inspiration in Our Stories, an awarded ‘Top 40 Florida Blog’ loaded with itineraries, top festivals and new adventures to try, from cycling trails and farm tours, to scalloping and seeing mermaids perform live!

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    Read more about the importance of planning your time off at ProjectTimeOff.com/Plan.


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