• February Fishing on Florida’s Adventure Coast


    Sheepshead are the big talk right now among Adventure Coast anglers. Our sheepshead fishing is very good right now on our nearshore and offshore rock piles.

    “Sheepies” are fun to target. It’s a lot like grouper fishing; anchor the boat up-current of the rocks, casting a distance away. What I like to do is chum with old frozen shrimp to speed up the bite. Use a 1/8 to 1/4-ounce jig head inside of ten feet. Any deeper than that, you need to bump up to a heavier jig head. My recommended technique is to take the head off the shrimp and toss as chum. Then, take the jig head and thread it into the body of the shrimp with the hook coming out of the belly side of the shrimp. The more of the hook you can hide, the better off you will be. Leader size should be 20 to 30-pounds at three feet long. Cast the bait to the rock pile, then let it sit on the bottom. Those light taps are more than likely Sheepies eating your bait. Raise the rod when you feel pressure to give it a hook set. The sheepshead catches are running from 14 to 25 inches long, great for action and tasty table fare.

    In the back waters, the trout bite is good. Target trout in one to three feet of water. Fish the creeks and bays with soft plastics or Mirrodines in the 808 color.

    Woman redfish FL Adventure Coast

    Red fish are holding on the rocky bottom around islands and mangrove edges. Live, select shrimp are the way to go for red fish. Incoming tide and the start of the outgoing tide have the best action.

     woman sheepshead FL Adventure Coast

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