• Epic Florida’s Adventure Coast Angling

    What’s tugging at the end of your line? Is it a red, snapper, cobia, grouper, tarpon or snook? Maybe it’s a trout or mackerel. Could it be a bass, bluegill or perch? Around Florida’s Adventure Coast, it could be those or many others.

    Are you daydreaming right now about being out on the water or gripping the pole after a perfect cast from shore? Do you relish the suspense as you cast and strategize, using your finest fish psychology? Is the satisfaction of a strong cast exceeded only by the adrenaline boost of the strike? Hook it! Don’t let it get away!

    Florida, proudly the Fishing Capital of the World, is popular among anglers not just for its year-round outdoor recreation climate, but also for the sheer fishing diversity.

    No place is that range of choices more evident than here on Florida’s Adventure Coast. Thanks to our vibrant coastal estuary, unique Gulf of Mexico underwater geography and freshwater mix of lakes and rivers, you can unleash your inner angler in countless ways. Loft that cast from a boat or from shore and land a spectacular specimen. Or, just keep on casting until you do; that’s the fun of it.

    Stack the fishing deck in your favor by booking a trip with a charter or guide service familiar with Adventure Coast waters; all are U.S. Coast Guard certified and specialize in delivering memorable experiences. Plan a day on the water with all details such as fishing license, rods, tackle, bait and gear provided; just show up. Select Fishing to browse the listing of charter services here.

    About Adventure Coast Saltwater Fishing

    A variety of species call our shallow saltmarshes and natural coastal area home. Others are transient or seasonal visitors. Anglers in the know come seeking grouper, tarpon, cobia, Spanish mackerel and other exciting game fish.

    The clear, shallow saltwater makes sight fishing and light tackle – even fly fishing – popular approaches although deep sea sport fishing outings deliver as well.

    Inshore and backwater flats fishing around Florida’s Adventure Coast typically refers to the sprawling meadows of seagrass waving beneath the clear water. At nearly 250,000 acres, seagrass abundance here is second only to the Keys.

    Seascape variations near and offshore present habitats and shady places for hungry fish to hide. Explore the seagrass, sandy patches or underwater structures like reefs and oyster bars or around the mouths of creeks and rivers to discover your personal favorite spot. Visit Hernando County Boating and Waterways for public boat ramp and pier locations as well as other helpful information.

    Take note of the relative shallowness and large underwater obstructions when boating this area of the Gulf. Unique to Gulf of Mexico waters off Florida’s Adventure Coast are what some refer to as “rock piles”. Find these and you will sometimes find some very big fish.

    Click here for a complete overview of Florida Saltwater Fishing Regulations 

    About Adventure Coast Freshwater Fishing

    Pass pleasing hours reeling in largemouth bass, speckled perch, bluegill, catfish and crappie, among other freshwater Adventure Coast catches. Explore fishing from the shores of the Withlacoochee, Weeki Wachee and Mud rivers, Lake Townsen, Lake Lindsey, Silver and Hunters lakes as well. Or choose instead to fish while on the lakes and rivers from aboard a kayak, canoe or small boat. Give fishing the Mud River from the seawall at Mary’s Fish Camp a try. The choice is yours.

    Click here for a current Florida Freshwater Fishing Regulations overview.

    Check the Water Adventures section of FloridasAdventureCoast.com for more resources such as marinas, bait & tackle shops, boat rentals and other services.

    Landing an epic boast-worthy, better-than-ever-before, “you won’t believe how big this fish was” catch may be the goal. But another angler objective is to be the one who discovered where the fish are big and abundant, that place you have never been before and want to return to time and again, your own amazing revelation. Discover fishing Florida’s Adventure Coast today.

    Check out this illustrated list of saltwater species and here for the vast assortment of freshwater fish from Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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