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    Do you love exploring Florida’s coastal communities? Is it a favorite pastime when visiting or revisiting parts of this peninsular state? If so, then Hernando Beach will be a revelation.

    Silver Dolphin Restaurant Mural Floridas Adventure Coast

    In fact, woven throughout the community is a tapestry of colorful public art. Look around as you tour Hernando Beach for outdoor décor in vivid colors, media and shapes. Discover stories told in wall murals, structural transformations and scenes viewable when cruising by on the water. All are perfect for selfies.

    Poised on the calm, relatively shallow Gulf of Mexico, Hernando Beach is a sun-baked, thriving community laced with canals. It’s where boats live and launch from marinas and backyard docks. It’s home to second homes, families, retirees and visitors thrilled with their coastal discovery.

    Weekiwachee Preserve Pink Grass

    Nature is evident throughout Hernando Beach. It’s bounded by the 11,206 acre Weekiwachee Preserve, home to a mosaic of wildlife, lakes and trails. To the west is the languid Gulf of Mexico. This central region of Florida’s Gulf coast boasts a lush estuary. Tidal marshes and flats host abundant wildlife such as manatee, dolphin and otter. Sandhill Cranes, herons, ibis and egrets strut about the neighborhood. Wild turkeys roam the brush. Bald eagles and osprey are frequent sights among the treetops or soaring overhead.

    Offshore, healthy seagrass beds are habitat to a biodiverse array of marine life including fish, sea turtles, invertebrates and, everyone’s favorite bivalves between July and September: scallops.

    Nestled between the Gulf and a wilderness preserve, nature is a cherished part of life in Hernando Beach but there are other reasons to enjoy the area as well. A boating community, every day boasts a steady parade of vessels as they make their stately way among the canals to open water. Some boats carry serious inshore and offshore anglers, others are party boats and many fall somewhere in between.

    Sunset boat Bayport, Floridas Adventure Coast

    Fine and casual dining choices – some waterfront – abound for breakfast, lunch and at day’s end. Spent the day on the water fishing or scalloping? Bring your catch to some of the “You Hook It, We Cook It” establishments for a savory, fun experience. And of course, with the Gulf of Mexico as backdrop, daily Technicolor sunsets glow as their own form of entertainment in this coastal community so rich with natural beauty.

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