• December Fishing on Florida’s Adventure Coast

    Gag grouper fishing is as HOT as you will find it. In December we get the BIG BOYS coming in to the shallow rocks just off our coast. There are a few different ways to target shallow water grouper; you can bait them up with dead or live bait, or – my favorite way – is to cast big plugs at them.

    When I run a grouper trip, I think about the area I want to target and what the water will be doing at that time of day. One of the biggest things to look at is the direction of the current. The key is to take your time to set the boat up properly for the wind and current, even if you must cast fast first into a head wind. If the current is running toward you, it will make for the best presentation for that plug.

    Hold the rod tip down and reel steady in at a medium-to-fast pace. Make about a dozen casts and move on. The plugs I use are made by Rapala, model FMAG 18 in a few colors: fire tiger, mullet, mackerel, orange-red and dorado are my go to colors.


     Gag Grouper Bayport FL Adventure Coast

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