• December Fishing on Florida’s Adventure Coast

    Ah Christmas is almost here. First, I would like to say to everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    Gag grouper fishing is strong with plenty of big gags coming in shallow 8-12 feet of water. I like to use live bait when fishing for grouper; pin fish and pilchards are best but dead bait will also work. Frozen thread fins and sardines are great grouper bait. In the shallow water I still free line the dead bait when the current is not too strong but a 1/4 ounce egg sinker should be plenty of weight. Grouper season’s last day to harvest is December 31st.

    Inshore the trout fishing is very good in shallow water 1-2 feet deep. A mirr-o-lure XL in the 808 color is deadly for trout and red fish. The reds are working into the creeks and hard bottom areas. Live pin fish and shrimp will do the job to attract reds and trout.


     Grouper Group Chase N Tails, Floridas Adventure Coast

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