• Celebrating Florida Blueberries

    Florida welcomes a bumper crop of plump, juicy blueberries this year and Brooksville is its sweet spot. Fans of the tiny super food can indulge their every whim throughout Florida’s Adventure Coast in April. From picking in the fields to sampling at our Florida Blueberry Festival, the place for the nation’s first fresh blueberries of the year is right here.

    The secret is out about the countless health benefits of blueberries. High in nutrients, vitamins and fiber, their sweetness delivers with low calories and carbohydrates. Among the highest fresh food sources of antioxidants, research suggests anti-aging benefits and memory enhancement. Blueberries also help lower the risk of stroke, heart disease and cancer. They even help improve eyesight. Ongoing research into the many benefits of blueberries continues to yield positive findings.

    Many Adventure Coast farms are open so visitors can pick their fill of blueberries themselves. A great spring outdoor adventure, U-Pick farm visits have grown in popularity with corresponding interest in farm-to-table freshness.

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    On the last weekend of April, Brooksville transforms as home to the annual Brooksville Blueberry Festival. Artisans and vendors line historic downtown streets. Street entertainers perform. Each day and evening boasts a packed music schedule of nationally ranked tribute bands and other entertainment on two stages.

    Above all, blueberries are everywhere to taste and take home. Purchase in their fresh-picked splendor or prepared in many tasty ways.

    Sample blueberry wines and even purchase a blueberry bush to take home.

    While available on grocery store shelves year-round, Florida blueberries are the first to ripen each year. Fresh, blue and good for you: Florida’s Adventure Coast celebrates a bountiful blueberry season.

    Learn more and discover inventive recipes from the Florida Blueberry Growers Association.

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