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Take Your Pick of Blueberry U-Picks

The lush countryside of Florida’s Adventure Coast is dotted with farms just bursting with blueberries. Grab your favorite shade hat and basket to gather your own sweet harvest. You have some comfortable, close-toed, good-for-walking-in-fields shoes, right? Good!

Here are some more tips for a fruitful blueberry picking adventure.

Start early
Get in the mood for your best country day ever with breakfast.

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Butchs Blueberries Brooksville

Fun and Farm Fresh: 7 Spring Country Adventures

Celebrate Florida’s Adventure Coast’s bounty this spring. Pick, taste and tour our harvests from berries to craft spirits. View seasonal colors of blueberry, sunflower yellow and olive green. Visit farms to pick your own; attend fairs and festivals; sample spirits; shop at farmers markets and dine on locally sourced produce.

Experience the harvests

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Picking Strawberries Brooksville UPick

Pick Your Own Fresh Florida Strawberries

Strawberries are ripe and ready to pick. At JG Ranch and UPicktopia, they are so plump and juicy the air is even fragrant with their sweetness. Though U-Picking treks may remind you of summertime, you’re in Florida and strawberries love cool weather. Available for picking on Florida’s Adventure Coast December through April – with March the.

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Savory and Spooky: Harvest Time On Florida’s Adventure Coast

Left or right? Deep within tall rustling cornstalks of the maze at Sweetfields Farm, it’s tricky to tell which way is toward nearby voices and which leads to yet another dead end. Will you ever get out? Find more fun in the October sunshine with hayrides, pumpkin patches and festivals as Adventure Coast area farms open for the fall.

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Our Little Rock Cannery: A Cherished Community Institution

The Little Rock Cannery is living history and a modern community asset. Farm-to-Table momentum is building and Florida’s Adventure Coast affords a time-honored way to celebrate our enormous local bounty.

With loads of year round and seasonal produce, the Little Rock Cannery – one of just two remaining in Florida and a handful nationally – supports farms and connects people.

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Sweet, Blue And Good For You

Why blueberries? Why here?
Florida’s Adventure Coast is the sweet spot for growing the beloved blueberry. Thanks to our cold-but-short winter and some agricultural ingenuity, blueberries ripen and reach the national market from Florida earlier each year than those grown elsewhere. Custom bred Florida blueberries are fresh, juicy and first to your spring shopping basket.

Building a better blueberry
Although wild blueberries.

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Bonnie’s Blueberry Adventure

Bonnie is a true Blueberry lover. She just can’t get enough of those oxidant-rich, health packed blueberries! Follow Bonnie on her quest to find the perfect Blueberry in this two-day itinerary. She knows that every farm is different so each blueberry crop may vary slightly. Which farm has the sweetest and juiciest?

On Day One Bonnie explores a number of.

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Celebrating Florida Blueberries

Florida welcomes a bumper crop of plump, juicy blueberries this year and Brooksville is its sweet spot. Fans of the tiny super food can indulge their every whim throughout Florida’s Adventure Coast in April. From picking in the fields to sampling at our Florida Blueberry Festival, the place for the nation’s first fresh blueberries of the year is right.

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Sample Spring’s Harvests On Florida’s Adventure Coast

April is a popular time to cruise the blooming countryside and taste what only fresh-picked and locally-crafted can offer. Plan a blueberry and beverage tour of Florida’s Adventure Coast.

Download a handy U-Pick and Farm Tours brochure and make your plans. Check out the map to see which of the eight blueberry farms best fits your route and mood..

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