20190401-Florida-Weeki Wachee Preserve

An Insider’s Guide to Florida’s Beautiful and Unique Weekiwachee Preserve

A mosaic of marshlands, floodplain forests, shimmering lakes, and grasslands, the Weekiwachee Preserve is an outdoor oasis for nature lovers. Spread over the southwest corner of Hernando County along Florida’s Adventure Coast, the 11,206-acre ecological treasure also serves as a fantastic destination for hiking, biking, paddling, and birdwatching. Bounded by the Weekiwachee.

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8 Reasons Your Next Vacation Should be to Florida’s Adventure Coast

From majestic trees draped in Spanish moss, to gentle manatees floating along the inland waterways, to world-famous mermaids, Florida’s Adventure Coast beckons with a magical—and unique—appeal. This stretch of the state, which encompasses Hernando County and the charming towns of Brooksville and Weeki Wachee, reaches all the way to the Gulf of Mexico on the west to the.

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No Need For Trail Envy; There Are Plenty To Go Around

Whatever mood you’re in, there’s a trail for you here in Nature’s Place to Play.

Choose wet or dry, paved or not, long or short. Florida’s Adventure Coast is laced with scenic trails, some of which are nationally recognized.


Try them all. Explore by foot,.

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Cycling Through Life

Finding a trail of good neighbors on Florida’s Adventure Coast

by Kellilynn Hann

“Come on, slowpoke!” I waved to my husband, Ron, encouraging him to hop on his rented bicycle and join me down the trail. We were in the heart of Florida’s Adventure Coast, an area of Hernando County snuggled between the Gulf of Mexico and the Withlacoochee River.


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Good Neighbor Trail Head Gazebo

Hello Long Paved Trail Bike Ride! Brooksville’s Good Neighbor Trail is Complete

Lowering his bike from the rack, Bob sighed with contentment. It’s beautiful weather and perfect for a long ride. He gazed at the paved trail stretching beyond his sight, knowing it’s now ten miles long and doesn’t end there; he can ride as far as he wants to. No more of the “out-and-back” that he’d become accustomed to.

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The Spin Starts Here: How to Love Adventure Coast Cycling

Terrain variety, natural surroundings and a shady small downtown welcome bicyclists to Florida’s Adventure Coast. Home to the Brooksville Ridge, it boasts challenging elevation changes amid miles of level terrain. Winding through forests, preserves and scenic countryside, your perfect ride awaits!

New to Adventure Coast cycling? Here is what you need to know:

Anything goes

Road, touring, mountain or racing bikes in.

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Adventure Coast Pedaling Pleasure

Sparkling warm days are perfect for cycling on Florida’s Adventure Coast. Celebrate with a bicycle tour. Here is all you need to know to plan two amazing days cycling award-winning paved trails in Nature’s Place to Play.

Day 1: The Withlacoochee State Trail (Round Trip 33.6 miles)

Download Trail Map

With 46 miles of cycling pleasure, the Withlacoochee State Trail is a.

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Florida's Adventure Coast FL Map

Why The Center of The State is Your Florida Vacation Sweet Spot

How brilliant are you to base your Florida vacation right here in the middle of the state? You win with affordability, access and outdoor adventure.

Nature’s Place to Play, on the west coast, sits in the geographic center of Florida’s 832-mile length (as measured from the tip of the panhandle to tip of the keys). Stay here and enjoy low.

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How To Pedal Through Nightfall in the Forest With Friends

A mountain bike ride on forest trails is a great way to intensely enjoy nature and fitness. Grab the handlebars. Pump the pedals. Get away from it all for a social adrenaline boost.

Go guided by joining rides through the Croom Tract of Withlacoochee State Forest. The group mountain bike rides lead by Crank Works Bicycle Shop are scheduled.

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