Summer Scalloping on Florida’s Adventure Coast: So Fun!

Summertime on Florida’s Adventure Coast means scalloping. Slipping into bathwater-warm Gulf of Mexico waters at the first sight of those shells shimmering beneath brings a surge of joy unlike any other. The eagerness of discovery and success at grabbing them as they zig zag through the clear water is enough to bring giggles, whatever your age.

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Expand Your Experience With These Add-On Adventures

When you find something that delights you, you want more, right? If you believe more is always better, then double down with these add-on ideas. From your virtual Adventure Coast buffet, pick your favorites and then go back for seconds.

If you loved the authentic Florida roadside attraction feel of Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, plan a visit.

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Dive in to Summer Scalloping

Click below to check out this interactive guide to all things Adventure Coast scalloping. Links, maps instructions and more; it’s all here!

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Florida Scalloping Hacks: Insider Tips From Adventure Coast Captains

July 1 means it’s time to dive in to the Gulf of Mexico for Florida bay scallops, a classic summertime thrill that lasts through September 24. Here on Florida’s Adventure Coast, our pro guides know great scalloping spots and welcome you aboard for a carefree day on the water. Contact them directly to book a scalloping charter and enjoy.

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Your Florida’s Adventure Coast Scallop Season Primer

Scalloping is fun, easy and requires little in the way of gear or expertise. That’s part of the reason why it’s such a popular summertime water adventure. The irresistible urge to reach out and grab the little guys is another!

Florida’s Adventure Coast, on the southern part of the Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission’s official recreational bay scallop.

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Amanda’s First Scalloping Adventure

Gazing at the smooth Gulf of Mexico, Amanda and her sisters couldn’t wait to head out. They heard from friends how fun scalloping was but had never done it themselves. Can you swim around in shallow water and just grab them? Do they really have bright blue eyes?

The girls each clutched a towel and bag with their snorkel gear..

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Artificial Reefs and Future Plans

by Keith Kolasa

Community Collaboration

Florida’s Adventure Coast has had a long history of artificial reef construction thanks to the support of its residents, fishing clubs, dive shops, members of the Hernando County Port Authority and the Board of County Commissioners.

Through continued community support there has been a concerted effort to create viable and diverse marine habitats while also creating interesting.

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Seagrass Meadows: Natural Wonders

Sunlight and Clear Water

The Gulf of Mexico waters along Florida’s Adventure Coast boast an estimated 250,000 acres of seagrass beds. Among the most abundant in continental North America, second in area only to the Florida Keys, these underwater meadows host thriving ecosystems. Thanks in part to the relatively shallow depth of our area of the Gulf, these aquatic plants get.

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All About Bay Scallops

by Brittany Hall-Scharf

Where are all the scallops? During scalloping season, this is one of the most popular questions that arise.

About Bay Scallop Counts

Abundance surveys of Florida’s bay scallop are conducted along the state’s west coast every summer by scientists at the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. During these surveys, two divers measure the first 30 adult bay scallops and count.

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5 Top Mom-Approved Summer Adventures

Do you see that glow on the horizon that seems to be getting brighter? That’s not an oncoming train, it’s the approach of summertime. Those special weeks of premium family togetherness are nearly here.

Are you ready to make this the best summer ever? These five mom-approved adventures are sure to deliver happy memories.


Dive into clear, warm Gulf of Mexico.

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