My Place For A TV Production Adventure

Shooting an outdoor adventure TV show

Have you ever wondered how video of a bicyclist pedaling across a bridge was filmed or what the story is behind a stunning overhead shot of a bald eagle? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably “No, it never crossed my mind.”

In the flow of television programming, such shots and views simply.

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Man-cation Inspiration

Who says only girls can have a getaway? We’ve cooked up a two-day Adventure Coast Itinerary filled with adrenaline-pumping, stereotypically manly activities!

Your adventure begins with fishing on the Gulf Coast, followed by an afternoon at the Sportsman’s Club and touring a local brewery. On the following day, test your skills at World Woods Golf Course and feel the rush.

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Florida’s Adventure Coast Recent Coastal Initiatives

by Brittany Hall-Scharf

Florida Sea Grant, joined by community and scientific organizations, businesses, middle school students and committed individuals took special care of our coast in 2017. From marine life research and protection to coastal clean-up and shoreline enhancement, these key projects propel and protect Florida’s Adventure Coast into the future.

Charter Fishermen along Florida’s Adventure Coast partner with the 

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New To Florida’s Adventure Coast In 2017

In 2017, Florida’s Adventure Coast proudly embraced history and nature. We welcome a major new attraction and cheered the 70th birthday of another. On top of popular sights, events, dining and adventures, enjoy this review of what was new in 2017 around Florida’s Adventure Coast.

Unleashing Artificial Reefs

The Gulf of Mexico off Florida’s Adventure Coast got a boost to its artificial.

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You Are The Star; The Outdoors Is Your Stage

Explore outdoors and celebrate the natural world throughout Florida’s Adventure Coast. Sample outdoor thrills on land and water.

Discover something new or revisit your personal favorites. With 107,000 acres of park and conservation lands, waterways and spectacular Gulf of Mexico coastline, Nature’s Place to Play delivers plenty of outdoors to explore.

The Forest

The World Wildlife Fund called the Withlacoochee State Forest.

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Artificial Reefs and Future Plans

by Keith Kolasa

Community Collaboration

Florida’s Adventure Coast has had a long history of artificial reef construction thanks to the support of its residents, fishing clubs, dive shops, members of the Hernando County Port Authority and the Board of County Commissioners.

Through continued community support there has been a concerted effort to create viable and diverse marine habitats while also creating interesting.

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Seagrass Meadows: Natural Wonders

Sunlight and Clear Water

The Gulf of Mexico waters along Florida’s Adventure Coast boast an estimated 250,000 acres of seagrass beds. Among the most abundant in continental North America, second in area only to the Florida Keys, these underwater meadows host thriving ecosystems. Thanks in part to the relatively shallow depth of our area of the Gulf, these aquatic plants get.

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Epic Florida’s Adventure Coast Angling

What’s tugging at the end of your line? Is it a red, snapper, cobia, grouper, tarpon or snook? Maybe it’s a trout or mackerel. Could it be a bass, bluegill or perch? Around Florida’s Adventure Coast, it could be those or many others.

Are you daydreaming right now about being out on the water or gripping the pole after a.

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Do Something New With These 17 Amazing Adventures

Learn something new. Browse this list of 17 new-to-you adventures sure to thrill. Will this be the year you learn something new, go guided or gain exclusive behind-the-scenes access? Check out this list of 17 unique adventures to try on for size.



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