September’s Sensational Songbirds

While there are many species of birds that live in Florida’s Adventure Coast all year around, September is the best month to look for songbirds that are migrating in the fall. These birds have spent the summer nesting and raising their chicks in the northern states and Canada, and are now passing through the county as they fly to.

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Sunset from Bayport River Safari 1

How Sunsets Soothe Your Soul On Florida’s Adventure Coast

Choose a cruise with Bayport River Safari

Has your day been kind of busy? Maybe even a little stressful? Wind down on the water. Feel your cares melt away as you step aboard the roomy Bayport River Safari vessel. You’ll find plenty of front row seating for.

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**Florida’s Adventure Coast Birding Guide**

Make the most of your birding adventure! Download our 32 page Birding Sites in Hernando County guide book, created by the Florida’s Adventure Coast Visitors Bureau and Hernando Audubon Society.

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Sustainable Adventuring: Nature With a Side of Nice

Sustainable Tourism is a growing trend that is here to stay.

Using the three pillars of sustainable tourism: economic, social and environmental, we can celebrate by supporting the local communities we visit and retaining those natural habitats in a manner equal to, or better than, we found them.

Florida’s Adventure Coast is a destination full of natural wonders and historic community treasures..

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A Treasure to Cherish: Weeki Wachee Springs

With shimmering clarity, the Weeki Wachee is as precious as the aquamarine gem the Springs’ color resembles. Named by the Seminole Indians, the moniker is said to mean “Little Spring” or “Winding River.” Best known as home to Mermaids who have entertained audiences for generations, the entire waterway is itself a treasure on many levels, both above and below.

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Natural Wonders: Red Shouldered Hawk

Red shouldered hawks are year-round Florida residents that can often be heard before they are seen. When hiking around Florida’s Adventure Coast, particularly in and around deciduous, marshy forest, listen for their unique whistle.

These large raptors are among the most distinctively marked – barred reddish beneath with a strongly banded tail. In flight, translucent crescents near the wingtips let.

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Plant Native For Beauty, Simplicity and Butterflies

Welcome to the Sunshine State, where everything grows! Here in Nature’s Place to Play, our subtropical climate means varied – sometimes exotic – plant life. And, with a little planting planning, they can easily beautify your world with color and life.

Some newcomers proud of photo-worthy yards up north face unexpected challenges with Florida lawns. Working with sandy soil and.

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Have You Seen A Bald Eagle Today?

Look Up for the American Bald Eagle

Have you caught the flash of a white tail or feathered head as you look around Florida’s Adventure Coast? As stunning as they are, for those looking, American bald eagle sightings are not rare around here.

Florida has the largest bald eagle population in the lower 48 states.

These magnificent birds.

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Walk Among the Tall Pines

Welcome to one of the largest contiguous tracts of old growth longleaf pines in Florida. Once the dominant tree of the South, our Big Pine Tract of the Chinsegut Wildlife and Environmental Area serves as a window to this now less-common ecosystem. Fire and harsh weather-tolerant, some of the tallest may be more than 300 hundred years old.

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Why The Center of The State is Your Florida Vacation Sweet Spot

How brilliant are you to base your Florida vacation right here in the middle of the state? You win with affordability, access and outdoor adventure.

Nature’s Place to Play, on the west coast, sits in the geographic center of Florida’s 832-mile length (as measured from the tip of the panhandle to tip of the keys). Stay here and enjoy low.

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